Inmates at Buriram Prison Are Tested for Drugs

February 3, 2012

Prison inmates at Buriram Provincial Prison were searched and given drug tests during a raid on 17 January 2012. In this first unedited clip, the cells are being searched.

In this second unedited video clip, you can see inmates peeing into a cup and then having their urine tested for illicit drugs. Towards the end of the clip you can see a line of inmates being searched.

In this last clip, you can see the hundreds of inmates waiting for their turn to be searched and be tested for drugs.


One Response to Inmates at Buriram Prison Are Tested for Drugs

  1. Richard
    October 15, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    Anybody even considering going to this part of the world to mess with dope must be crazy.

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