The Gor’s World Column

gors worldIt was towards the end of 2001 when Gor first came to the attention of the Bangkok Post. They had read Gor’s Secret Diary and were interested in Gor writing a regular column for the Learning Post section. They asked Gor to write a few sample stories. The Bangkok Post liked what he sent and gave him a job. His first column was published in March 2002. Gor was only 16 years old and probably the youngest columnist at the newspaper. In total, Gor wrote over 100 stories. He documented every aspect of his life. From the teenage courtship with his future wife, the birth of their baby, their eventual wedding and a lot more. He was also brave enough to share his darkest secret. He told them about his drug addiction during the summer of 2001. However, what no-one knew at that time was that he had already started taking drugs again. He started to miss deadlines until finally, in August 2004, everyone agreed that he should take a break. About a year later, he was arrested for drug possession with intent to sell. A year later, in 2006, he was sentenced to six years in prison. This was then halved to three years as he had changed his plea to guilty.