Photo Album of Gor’s Teenage Years

At work Gor at a football match
 Gor, far right, with his friends
(November 1997)
Gor playing in the school band
(January 1998)


At work Gor at a football match
Working on his website
(January 1999)
Gor at a football match
(February 1999)
Gor and Yui gor_04
 Gor with his first love, Yui
(September 1999)
Gor and Yui
(January 2000)
With students Loy Krathong
Gor teaching some students
(January 2000)
Gor on Loy Krathong Day
(November 2000)
Gor Gor
Taking pictures at the floating market
(April 2001)
Gor in Sukhothai
(May 2001)

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