Thai Prisoners Dance ‘Gangnam Style’

November 28, 2012

Inmates at Bangkok Remand Prison have taken up dancing the mega-hit Gangnam Style by South Korean rap star Psy to reduce stress and violence among them.

About 4,500 detainees in seven zones of the jail joined a dancing competition based on the song in October.

“Since then, quarrels among them have declined significantly,” said Corrections Department chief Suchart Wong-anantchai during an awards ceremony held for the two winning teams after the final round of the competition yesterday.

Stress among the inmates has been a big problem as newcomers find it hard to adjust, while those who have been deprived of freedom for a long time begin to lose patience, Bangkok Remand Prison chief Sorasit Chongcharoen said.

The prison decided to find an activity to relieve them of this unpleasant condition and finally hit upon Gangnam Style as a form of escapism for the inmates.

“As a form of exercise, dancing helps bring their hormones into balance, improves their personalities and builds unity,” Mr Sorasit said.

Jes, who led one of the winning teams, agreed the competition created a friendly atmosphere.

“We have more unity as a result of the dancing competition,” he said. “I notice that clearly.”

He said his team was made up of 10 other inmates from Prison Zone 1.

They practised every afternoon by mimicking dance moves from the Gangnam Style music video, Jes said.

“The competition teaches them teamwork and discipline,” he said.

A team from zone eight won the freestyle dance completion.

One Response to Thai Prisoners Dance ‘Gangnam Style’

  1. patricia barber
    January 15, 2013 at 5:51 pm

    Awesome … this song has bought so much joy to so many … music has always bought unity between everyone … and prison is a place where it is really needed … May there be more music and dance 🙂

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