Search of Bang Kwang Prison Yields Banned Items

February 3, 2012

Corrections officials and 500 police officers raided the Bang Kwang Central Prison in Nonthaburi Province. Many cell phones, SIM cards, and drug paraphernalia were found during the operation.

At 3 A.M. this morning, corrections officials, narcotics officers and administrative authorities joined hands with 500 police officers from the Region 1 Police bureau to raid the Bang Kwang Central Prison in Nonthaburi Province as part of the government’s effort to crack down on narcotics.

Officers searched the prison’s Zones 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10.

A total of 4,145 prisoners are incarcerated at Bang Kwang prison, including those on death row, those serving life sentences and those found guilty of violent crimes.

A large number of cell phones, SIM cards, drug paraphernalia, as well as 30,000 baht in cash, were found.

Bang Kwang Central Prison chief Wisanu Prachongkit pointed out that an inmate at the prison, Pirayuth Paetsakul, has been implicated as being part of the billion-baht drug network of arrested suspect Nipon Kanchart.

The inmate, who denied the accusation, has been transferred to a restricted zone and barred from receiving visitors.

The Corrections Department is considering transferring prisoners charged with drug offenses to Kao Bin Prison in Ratchaburi Province in a bid to cut down on the drug network in prisons.

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