Prisons Told to be Stricter to Suppress Drug Trade

February 3, 2012

The Surat Thani Province’s central prison has prepared to transfer two major drug-case inmates to Khao Bin prison, while stricter measures have been launched at Surin prison to prevent the illicit drug trades outside prison from other prisoners.

Surin prison officers have brought in news correspondents to inspect areas around the prison in Surin’s Rattanaburi District.

It was found that the barbed wire fence at the side and back of the prison were cut by some inmates, so that drug pills can be transferred through the holes easier.

News reports from the prison guards told that the drug-case inmates were related to major drug dealers and are involved in the drug network at Ratchaburi’s Khao Bin prison.

They have also formed a network in Rattanaburi prison, and that inmates belonging to the network would get 50,000 baht per month.

Furthermore, it was found that some prison wardens were also involved with the illicit drug trade.

Commander of Surin’s central prison, Paisorn Suwannaraksa, said that stricter measures have been launched, and inmates and wardens have been divided into two groups.

Eight officials had their positions reshuffled, while five officials at Rattanaburi prison have been transferred to Surin’s central prison in order to suppress drug-trading and motivate the officials to work harder.

Surat Thani’s prison commander Suchin Damkaden said that there are 850 drug-case inmates in the prison.

Two drug inmates, who were major drug dealers, have been transferred to Khao Bin prison.

Meanwhile, ten inmates are closely watched if they are involved with drug trade connections.

Suchin further said that there were drug gangs throwing cell phones into the prison nearly everyday, and that sometimes, they threw drugs into the prison as well.

However, officials have been ordered to closely monitor the prison around the clock. Suchin went on to say that since December 2011 to January 2012, 55 cell phones along with a huge amount of amphetamine pills have been seized from the inmates.

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