Prisoners Arrested for Cellphone Possession in Ayutthaya Prison

January 5, 2012

Prison wardens in Ayutthaya have arrested two prisoners for attempting to bring cellphones into the prison. An explosives recovery team from the Ayutthaya Provincial Police was dispatched to investigate after the wardens reported of suspicious objects hidden in a lent candle. The candle was sent by an inmate’s relative who claimed it was sent to pay homage to the Buddha statue in the prison.

Officers used a high-pressure gun to destroy the candle. A total of 18 mobile phones, along with chargers, were found in a PVC tube inside the candle. Police officers arrested 36-year-old Somsak Thongeiam, who brought the lent candle to the prison. His pick-up truck was also seized. During interrogation, Somsak confessed that the prisoners, identified as Somporn Thongeiam and Sunthorn Lamphen ordered the cellphones.

Sunthorn played a role as the coordinator and purchaser responsible in scouring around for cell phones priced around 400 to 500 baht before reselling them at an exorbitant price of 18,000 baht to clients. Both Somporn and Soonthon pleaded guilty to all charges against them. In the initial stage, officers charged the three prisoners for attempting to bring illegal items into the prison.

In related news, an Angthong Prison officer took 46-year-old Boonchoo Pokkrong into custody after she hid two cellphones in fermented rice flour noodles to bring to her husband and son, who are both imprisoned. Boonchoo insisted that she’s innocent, claiming that she had nothing to do with the two phones. Officials have lodged a complaint against her.

Source: Thai-ASEAN News Network and Daily News

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