Prisoner killed in Trang jail

February 10, 2013


A 40-year-old prisoner died from multiple stab wounds after being attacked yesterday by another inmate, reportedly enraged by his cooperation with Corrections Department officials’ seeking to intercept 11 cell-phones that were smuggled into Trang Prison.

Muang Trang police officer Sub-Lieutenant Ratthakan Phromrat said Thaweep Eiadtun, who was sentenced to 25 years in 2007 for drug offences, was rushed to Trang Hospital at 8am but succumbed to stab wounds to the torso, arms and head. An inquiry found Thaweep was stabbed by another inmate from Zone 1 in front of other prisoners.

Nupin Polprasit said her brother Thaweep told her on Friday that he worked with officials to intercept 11 smuggled cell-phones, hence she suspected those who “lost benefits” may have wanted to get back at him. Trang Prison official Sompong Leunkattawa said identity of the killer was not known and the probe was having difficulty proceeding because witnesses were also afraid of being attacked. But he said they would get the wrongdoer punished as it was a daring attack on person who had helped officials.

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