Prison inmates to sandbag airport

October 20, 2011

About 300 prison inmates will be sent to help soldiers build up the sandbag embankments around Suvarnabhumi airport tomorrow, the Correction Department deputy chief said on Thursday. Thanis Sriyaphan said he will take 300 well behaved inmates from prisons in Bangkok and surrounding provinces to help put up sandbags around Suvarnabhumi airport in Samut Prakan province on Friday. Earlier, the department sent 500 prisoners to help troops and officials build flood dyes in areas at risk of flooding. The department deputy chief said none of the inmates selected to do work outside jails ever escaped and each had only a few months left to serve in jail.

All prisons in flood-hit Pathum Thani province were still dry as the floodwater flowed to Khlong 8 canal.  As part of precautions, inmate evacuation plans were in place if needed, he said.  Inmates at  Khlong Prem Central Prison, Bangkok Special Prison and Central Women Correctional Institute, which are located near Bangkok’s Khlong Prem Prachakorn, may have to be moved to the second floor of the prison buildings if the flood enters the area. Bang Kwang Prison and Nonthaburi Provincial Prison near Nonthaburi pier had adequate  flood prevention measures and inmate evacuations would not be necessary, said Mr Thanis.

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