NCPO: Let inmates earn from crafts

August 19, 2014


Army chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha told the Corrections Department Tuesday to stop collecting money earned from the sale of prison-made goods and, instead, allow the prisoners who make them to keep all of it.

National Council for Peace and Order spokesperson Pattamaporn Rattanadilok na Phuket said Gen Prayuth said he believed inmates should earn from products they make and sell at the department’s annual trade fair.

In addition to being told to reduce the number of overall inmates from the current 290,000, the Corrections Department was directed to figure out ways to produce food by itself.

Food expenses have sent the Corrections Department into the red for four consecutive years.

Miss Pattamaporn said that the NCPO on Tuesday allocated 3.42 billion baht to pay down food-related debts in 2013 and 2014. It also authorised borrowing of 890 million baht to cover ongoing food expenses.

The borrowing will be in addition to the department’s regular 2015 budget.

One Response to NCPO: Let inmates earn from crafts

  1. Rico
    September 12, 2014 at 11:32 am

    Release all non-violent criminals? Does that ildunce all white collar crimes? So you can scam people out of millions of dollars and not face going to prison? You can commit insurance fraud and arson and not go to prison? You can steal cars and burglarize homes and not go to prison? You can steal ID’s and wreck somebody’s life and not go to prison? Does that mean Fastow from Enron and Ebbers from WorldCom should be released? How about people arrested for drunk driving? Should we wait for them to maim or kill people before they are put in prison? How about kiddie porn? Credit card and check fraud? Theft, vandalism and hundreds of other crimes are non-violent but cause harm to society. Should someone go to prison for stealing 100 cars? How about breaking into dozens of houses and stealing a family’s belongings?On one hand, you dailykooks say everyone who committed mortgage fraud should go to prison. Then you kooks say all non-violent people should not go to prison. So should Andrew Fastow be in prison or not? Should Angelo Mozilo be in prison or not? If it’s up to the the DailyKooks, Mozilo would be charged with a crime but not go to prison. So we would waste taxpayers money on the trial for nothing.

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