Marriage behind bars in Thailand

February 15, 2013


For 72 couples choosing to take their relationships to another level, the Ratchaburi Central Prison has taken the occasion of this year’s Valentine’s Day as an opportunity for inmates to legally marry and gain legal marriage certificates.

As a means to strengthen marriage ties and foster healthy relationships, according to prison authorities, the ceremony serves as a valid opportunity for inmates to live behind bars with discipline.

In hopes of encouraging good behaviour after release, Ratchaburi Central Prison director Surachai Poomkaew said that the behind-bars marriage ceremony began this morning, with official procedures.

A traditional Thai style ‘ka buan kan maak’ procession took place from the Prison’s Administrative office, whereby grooms made their way to their brides to participate in their marriages.

District registrars carried out all documentation procedures, followed by a celebratory luncheon held at noon.


One Response to Marriage behind bars in Thailand

  1. Ashley
    January 15, 2014 at 11:13 am

    Hi, my boyfriend ( Thai national) is in prison in Nakhon so thammarat. We want to get married. I am farang. Is it possible to bring the documents to him to sign in jail?

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