Klong Prem prison’s raid nets 20 cellphones, drugs and many knives

September 24, 2014


The police and the military arrested a drug trafficker and seized about 20 mobile phones, drugs knives and other sharpened objects in a raid of Klong Prem central prison today (Wednesday).

The raid followed the recent arrest of two drug addicts, Natthakarn Poonsap and Mrs Nareerat Supanya who allegedly confessed to getting their drug supplies from Nattahwut Homchuen, aka Tao, who has been serving a life imprisonment in Klong Prem prison on drug trafficking charges. The arrest of the couple also led to a police sting operation which succeeding in capturing Damrong Kongsamnuan and the seizure of 2,596 methamphetamine tablets and 271 grammes of Ice worth altogether 870,000 baht.

Information extracted from the three led the police and the military to carry out a raid of Klong Prem prison where Tao is serving his life term. Extensive searches of prison cells and compound in the prison uncovered 20 cellphones, over 70 knives and sharpened objects and some ya ba.

Police alleged that Tao still carried on with drug trafficking operations from the prison using the cell phones to order his men outside the prison to carry out drug deliveries.

Mr Pathom Wongsuwan, the superintendent of Klong Prem central prison, said that it was near impossible to police every corner in the prision. However, he promised to step up security and to improve jamming system to cut off telephone signals in the prison.

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  1. viviana valencia villegas
    July 15, 2015 at 12:34 pm

    respected good days jail authorities prem.yo klong I am the wife of jorge ortiz jaair cuts Colombian citizen who has been held in Thailand from the 2nd of June this year. would very respectfully requesting information about the legal situation of my husband and so far they have not told me anything concrete. I am very grateful for the information they can give me. thanks

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