Justice Ministry proposes DNA tests for inmates

October 29, 2013


The Forensic Institute was instructed to conduct compulsory DNA checks for inmates and migrant workers nationwide.

During his inspection trip to the institute yesterday, Justice Minister Chaikasem Nitisiri was informed that collection of DNA data among inmates has been done on a voluntary basis and the institute now has DNA data for more than 100,000 prisoners.

The majority of the data involves 60,000 convicts on drugs charges and 40,000 others on charges concerning security in Thailand’s southern border provinces.

The data is useful in tracing inmates who violate the law after they are released.

Mr Chaikasem said he wanted the Forensic Institute to study the possibility of mandatory DNA checks among prisoners after it was found that 5 per cent of inmates, mostly in major cases, refused to have their DNA checked.

He said he agreed with a proposal to require DNA checks among migrant workers in Thailand to search for them in case they disappear or become crime victims.

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