Inmate killed in botched escape

May 13, 2013


An inmate was killed and a warder injured during an attempted breakout by five prisoners at the Thung Song district prison in Nakhon Si Thammarat province on Sunday.

Authorities said warder Somboon Sangseedam, 56, who was unarmed, was inspecting the prison’s furniture factory when he was taken hostage by Sirichai Petchsri, 28, an inmate convicted of drug and gun possession charges, who led four other prisoners in the escape attempt shortly before noon.

Pichit Wannajit, the prison commander, said Sirichai who was armed with a sharp metal object, grabbed Somboon’s neck from behind and threatened to stab him, while the others placed a monkey ladder against a four-metre wall to climb over. The ladder had apparently been prepared beforehand.

When prison guards rushed to the scene, Sirichai stabbed Somboon in the neck. The injured warder, however, managed to slip away. The inmate then rushed to the ladder to try to climb the wall but was shot by a guard armed with a shotgun. The other four inmates were arrested on the spot and charged with escape, resisting arrest and causing bodily harm to authorities.

Mr Somboon and Sirichai both were taken to Thung Song district hospital where the prisoner was pronounced dead, apparently from the gunshot wound. The warder’s condition was stable late Sunday evening, Mr Pichit said.

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