Inmate helps fellow prisoner escape

January 22, 2013


A prison inmate helped distract police while another prisoner escaped to care for his four-month-old baby on Monday.


Police named the two prisoners only as Chaiyawat, 36, and Jirawat, 45. Pol Sen Sgt Major Pathom Pilpan said the two men attacked him when he was taking them from their cell to the courtroom. He was repeatedly struck with wooden walking sticks that had been issued to Chaiyawat, who had a leg injury. The officer sustained a head injury and a damaged eyebrow. Six officers intervened and grabbed Chaiyawat, but Jirawat was able to escape during the commotion. Police believed the escaped convict was hiding in a nearby forest. Chaiyawat told police that Jirawat had a four-month-old baby and his wife was also sentenced in another case. The baby was left with no parents, so he decided to help Jirawat escape. Chaiyawat was arrested on a charge of killing a village chief last year while Jirawat was arrested on drug charges, police said.


UPDATE: Escaped prisoner arrested

An inmate who had escaped from a courthouse in Kamphaeng Phet province on Monday was arrested 15 hours later at his friend’s house nearby, police said on Tuesday. Jirawat Klangpakdee, 45, assaulted and injured a police officer, with help from a fellow prisoner, and broke out to care for his four-month-old baby. The escaped convict was hiding at the house where his friend’s wife resides. The house owner is serving time in prison on drug charges, police said. A shop owner contacted police after Jirawat, who was still in prison uniform and leg shackles, came to her shop and asked for drinking water. Jirawat confessed that he broke out of jail because he was worried about his four-month-old baby because his wife had also been arrested on drug charges. He said he planned to collect money from his customers and give it to his relative who is currently taking care of the child.

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