Eight Trang Prison inmates transferred

March 3, 2013


Trang Prison director Prawat Yaemmanee has transferred to Songkhla Prison eight inmates reportedly involved in the February 9 assault and stabbing-to-death of inmate Thaweep Eiadtun, 40, in order to pave the way for the murder investigation, a source reported yesterday.

The eight inmates, identified as suspects by security camera footage, were moved to Songkhla because those witnessing the murder were too afraid to testify to the prison’s panel probing this case, the source said. Trang police would interview the witnesses in detail next week.

The motive of the killing was reportedly Thaweep’s cooperation with Corrections Department officials, leading to the interception of 11 cellphones that were smuggled into Trang Prison. Thaweep had been sentenced to 25 years in 2007 for drug offences.

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