Blinded bomber gets 35 years

April 25, 2012

A man blinded in his attempt to bomb the headquarters of the Bhumjaithai Party in 2010 was yesterday sentenced to 35 years in jail. Anek Singkunthot was also ordered to pay a fine of Bt50.

The Criminal Court yesterday found Anek guilty of possessing bombs without permit, collaborating with five other accomplices in causing an explosion, and carrying weapons in a public place. The explosion erupted in June 2010, damaging a part of the Bhumjaithai Party’s headquarters in Bangkok’s Chatuchak district, a nearby food stall, and a car parked in the area. The bomb went off prematurely and Anek was also injured in the blast and blinded in both eyes. He was arrested on the spot.

Anek later confessed he was hired to bring a cart containing the bomb to the Bhumjaithai Party’s headquarters. He and his accomplices filled the cart with fruit to avoid arousing any suspicion. Because of Anek’s confession, the court yesterday found grounds for leniency. Without the confession, Anek would have been sentenced to life imprisonment. Other suspects pleaded not guilty on the same charges as Anek. The court will rule separately on these cases.

One Response to Blinded bomber gets 35 years

  1. steve powell
    November 19, 2012 at 10:04 pm

    Ive just read an articles about people being sentenced to life in prison and even a few of people receiving the death penalty for offences concerning drugs. How is it that this terrorist could prime a bomb designed to murder countless innocents and only receive 35 years???? It seems its not just England that goes easy on terrorists. This would be murderer should die.

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