About 30,000 Prisoners To Receive Royal Pardon In Thailand

August 15, 2012

About 30,000 prisoners will be released from prisons nationwide on Royal clemency to celebrate this year’s birthdays of Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn and Queen Sirikit, said Pol. Col. Suchart Wonganandchai, director-general of Corrections Department.

The director-general said an announcement published in the Royal Gazette on Saturday said in conjunction with the Queen’s 80th birthday on Aug 12, 2012 and the 60th birthday of the Crown Prince, which was celebrated on July 28, 2012, the Royal clemency was granted for the release of about 30,000 prisoners.

Prisoners entitled and received the Royal pardon are aged, sick and those having less than one-year left for imprisonment, said Pol. Col. Suchart.

Of the total, about 10,000 prisoners will be set free this week while the rest will be released within 60 days after the announcement was published in the Royal Gazette.

In the past years, prisoners are usually released or have their terms reduced on birthday celebrations of the Royal family members.

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