Tour of Lak Si Temporary Detention Centre

December 20, 2011

The chief of the Department of Corrections yesterday gave the media a tour of the Lak Si Temporary Detention Centre (เรือนจำชั่วคราวหลักสี่) which is presently undergoing renovation. Political prisoners are expected to be moved here soon. At the moment, the names and numbers of prisoners to be moved here are not known.

Lak Si Temporary Detention Centre, known locally by Thai people as Kuk Bang Khen, is a four-storey building on Vibhavadi Rangsit Road in Lak Si District. It is near the compound of the Royal Thai Police Sports Club. The Department of Corrections arranged the tour to dispel rumours that air-conditioned cells with flush toilets were being prepared.

The building can hold a maximum of 300 prisoners. Relatives will be able to visit the prisoners on the ground floor. They will be separated by a glass barrier and can talk to each other on the telephone. Also on the ground floor is the control room with CCTV monitors.

The prison cells are on the second to fourth floors. Each floor has different sized cells. Some are designed for only one or two prisoners. The biggest cells are at each end of the building, housing 50 inmates. In total each floor can hold 100 prisoners. So, a total of 300 prisoners. The small cells are about 4×4 meters. The big rooms are about 8×12 meters. The big rooms on the 4th floors are believed to be 12×12 meters.

Detainees will sleep on the floor. Each will be given a cloth mat, a pillow and a blanket. Toilets and showers are in the cells. The walls have been painted white and pink cream and the bars are white. The only recreation areas are the halls.

Main Sources: Komchadluek, Naewna and The Nation


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