Thai Inmates Post Photos on Facebook

June 4, 2014


Inmates in Thai prisons are not allowed to have mobile phones. But this hasn’t stopped them smuggling them in; either over the walls or by bribing a guard. With the advance in technology, the latest phones not only have cameras but also Internet connectivity. This means that the prisoners can play on social media such as Facebook. The photo here was posted by one inmate at Lampang Prison. The Daily News newspaper also had other photos of people who were obviously in a prison cell. All of them heavily tattooed. The newspaper also gave his Facebook page which is still up. The pictures have all been deleted, but if you check his friends list, you will see at least three or four other people who are obviously inmates.

A couple of tips here for inmates. Your profile picture shouldn’t be of you in the prison. It’s a dead giveaway. Secondly, make your profile private for friends only. All of the ones I saw this morning were all open for anyone to browse. I am sure none of their friends reported them, but leaving your profile open means that any pictures of you can quickly be shared around the internet which is when you lose control. This story today of the prisoners in Lampang playing on Facebook is not an isolated case. I have seen this before. Many of the inmates just want to communicate with loved ones back home.

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