Samut Prakan Criminal Court

June 16, 2007
Criminal Court in Samut Prakan
There are two major courts in Samur Prakan. The criminal court is in the city alongside the river. Morning court cases are scheduled for 9 a.m. The prison bus arrives at about 9 a.m. However, sometimes it is a bit early. You will hear it coming as they have the sirens going for the entire journey. When it arrives at the courthouse, it will back into the holding area. You can stand by the railings here and shout out a greeting to any of the prisoners you might know. However, don’t delay them as sometimes these guards get angry with the prisoners. All of the prisoners wear the brown prison uniform and chains around their ankles. I personally find the sounds of these chains very haunting and it is something that doesn’t go away.
 prison bus
From this area, walk up the steps into the court house. On the noticeboard to your left is the list of names of each prisoner. This tells you which court they will be in. Unfortunately, even if the person is a foreigner, their name will be written in Thai so you might need the help of someone to read it.  The steps here take you up to the court rooms on the second and third floors. There is a light outside each court room that has a session that day. If you arrive early, it is worth staying on the ground floor where there is an air-conditioned waiting room. A word of warning, this gets a bit smelly later in the day from the sweaty prisoners who are on the other side of the wall. It is here where you can book your visit which takes place just after lunch. You can also buy food for them and leave it with the guard.
When you go up to the court room, make sure you turn off your mobile phone. You should also be respectfully dressed. You are also not allowed to take pictures.

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