Mobile Phone Jammers in Thai Prisons

February 9, 2012

Khao Bin prison in Ratchaburi is being prepared for the arrival of up to 500 convicted drug dealers. Unlike other prisons, this one already has in place a number of phone jammers. Prison authorities are concerned that some inmates are continuing with the drug trade while behind bars. In just the last four months, 1,500 illegal mobile phones have been found in Thai prisons. In order to stop prisoners using mobile phones, nine 25 meter high mobile phone signal jammers have been placed around Khao Bin Prison. Each one can cut the signal of a mobile phone up to 100 meters away. Khao Bin has the advantage of other prisons as it has been built in the middle of no-where. Signal jammers are hard to use at prisons in Bangkok as the areas around them have large communities.

Pictures by Bangkok Post

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