A Dangerous Time

By Panrit “Gor” Daoruang

Every year, during the summer holidays, students are free from school. They are like birds in the sky after the owner has let them out from the cage. They will be very happy and fly everywhere and do anything they want. The owner is giving them plenty of time to go out to play or to have new experiences. Some birds might just fly in the area where they live and come back in the evening. But some might just fly away as far as they can and they won’t be able to find the right way back for a long time — or forever.

Today, I want to talk about the students in Grade 7-9. I want to talk about them because they are teenagers and are at the age of growing up faster than others. Most of them will be having problems. If they figure out those problems in the right way and don’t walk down the wrong road then they will be alright. But, if they solve their problems in the wrong way, or by mixing with the wrong group of friends, they then might be lost for the rest of their lives. This is why everyone calls this period in life “a very dangerous time”. It is when a teenager goes from being a child to being an adult.

If you want your teenage children to have a good life in the future, you should be more caring of them during this time. Also, try not to make them do something they don’t want to and do your best to understand them and what they are doing. Try to think and remember about what you were like when you were their age! You have to do your best to help them get through this rough time.

Anyway, what do most teenagers love to do in the long holiday? From my own experience, I suppose that most of them like hanging around with friends or girls. They are going to be spending less time with their families, but more time with friends. So, you don’t need to be worried or think too much if they don’t want to go out shopping or anywhere with you like they did in the past! And whenever they have a problem, they will be talking and sharing it with their friends rather than their parents. It’s all because they are feeling that their friends understand them more than you do.

However, if you spot that your children are looking strange, like they are having a problem, you should go to them and ask them what is wrong. But, if you see that they don’t really want to tell you, don’t force them. Just touch them on their shoulders and say that you will always be there for them, and that they can talk or share with you on any subject whenever they want. But, before you can say that, you have to make sure that they can really talk to you about everything without you getting angry or moody quickly. You have to be like their friends and help them rather than complain or scold.

These are normal problems that happen to teenagers in every generation, but maybe more now than before. It is important that you do the right thing for them, so that you will be the light in their dark night and become one of their friends, not just a father or a mother. When you can do all those things, you can be 90 percent sure that they will be a good person and have a good future.

I am telling you this now because something happened to me during my summer holidays two years ago. Something so awful that I nearly died. Two years have now passed but the event still haunts me and it shapes the way people look at me and treat me. I will tell you about this next week.

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